You Have Access to An Unlimited Source

It’s been a crazy ride this summer so far, more like this year so far. I’m learning life lessons that I never really paid attention to. I use to feel like life was always working against me, that I had no way of experiencing the goodness of life, or that only “CHOSEN” people got to experience love, happiness, and prosperity in their lives. I was slowly beginning to pick up on the message being sent to me through these experiences, realizing that life wasn't happening to me, but life was happening FOR me. And even when we think we’re starting to piece things together it’s funny how life will send you the same lesson, but wrapped in a different package. Life lessons will reemerge, not to break you, or punish you, but to help elevate you to the next level.

I knew there had to be a bigger message behind the whole situation I had with my job falling through, and then needing money for my rent. After two weeks of being positive, I started to think maybe I was doing it wrong, that maybe my faith wasn’t big enough to get me through this situation. I slowly felt the language of fear creeping in, but the Universe always has a way of sending the right people at the right time to send you a message of hope, to reignite your flame of faith. After praying and meditating on things for a few days, asking for direction, I began to proceed forward, not in fear but in faith. It was SOOOOO uncomfortable. It was like tippy-toeing around the house a night, not wanting to wake anybody. Each day felt intense, but not in a bad way. It felt like the arrival of an amazing guest that you were sent to pick up. However, in being sent to pick up this awesome person, you feel a little small and insignificant, in comparison to other people who could have been selected to pick them up.

That’s how I felt. I felt an intense discomfort because, because God was sending me help through friends, and friends of friends. And although I was also extremely happy and relieved to be receiving help, especially in such a short time span, I also noticed how I felt bad for receiving this love. I had become so accustomed to giving love and support, that I didn’t even know how to receive love and support. And after reflecting and meditating on my feelings, I realized the reason I was feeling so bad, was because I felt undeserving of the love from God sent through these people who were offering me help and support. I was kind of in shock for a few days at seeing this miracle happening right before my eyes, because I had always thought I wasn’t good enough to receive help, support, love, to receive good things that I would always see happening for other people.

And it was in that moment that I understood the lesson. That I am not alone. That everything I needed was already there and available for me. Love, support, peace of mind, provision, happiness, security; those things were already available for me before this situation had emerged. But I needed to open myself to receiving what had already been given to me from my Unlimited Source. And once I began to let go of my worry about where I would get the money for my rent, and allowed love, trust, faith, happiness, and peace to flow in, those fruits of the soul transformed into a miracle. As a sat back and fully released control over the situation and choosing to bask in loving and positive thoughts, the miracle began to unfold. And anytime, my mind wanted to drift back to the HOW dance, I gently guided it right back to loving and positive thoughts.

You are loved. You are safe. You are in GREAT hands! Miracles and blessings are available for all so us, even for those who feel that life is hitting them the hardest. Bring in your blessing with loving and positive thoughts. It’s just like when you have a guest arriving into town, you generally greet them with open arms and a warm smile, as opposed to a negative attitude and closed off body language. In a similar fashion, imagine your miracle as a guest that you are expecting, and greet your blessing with an open heart. So as you begin your week, remember that you are an unlimited being, with access to an unlimited Source!!

What things are you doing to welcome in your blessings and miracles?