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Pursuing your passions and making use of your unique gifts and core interests are extremely important to the work I believe in, and do, here at BLife. I am deeply passionate about helping young adults not only discover what makes them special and excites them about life, but also how to actively pursue and incorporate their passions into the college education and/or career that they love. I truly believe that when you are learning about, or doing things that you love, you will enrich your life, be happier, and much more fulfilled knowing that you are living out your PURPOSE. However, I also know that it can be scary to step out and pursue your vision and dreams thinking you'll fail or that it's wrong to live life doing the things that make you happy and reflect the most authentic YOU! Push away any doubts you may have, and know that you can AND deserve to have the visions of your heart and soul!! And if you're ready to try something different, something better than just a routine or unfulfilling life, I am here to help you!! In helping you navigate your college, career, and/or life journey, BLife offers one-on-one academic enrichment and mentoring sessions, in addition to several workshops throughout the year. 

As a UCLA Doctoral student in Urban Education, mentor, and academic advisor for high school and undergraduate students, I have been able to work with many students helping them to not only apply to college, but to also successfully navigate through college and life experiences. With my background in education, and 10 years of college access and mentoring experience, I have been able to take my knowledge of the college application process to help students not only apply, but get admitted to top colleges and universities like Columbia, UPenn, Princeton, UCLA, UC Berkeley and other schools at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. But more than that, I have been able to use my love for encouraging and motivational mentoring to help young adults find their innermost passions and live a more fulfilling life with happiness, and success!! 

So whether you are just beginning college, are in the latter part of your college education, or looking to bring your passions to life, BLife can help you do that regardless of where you are at in your college, career, and/or life journey. For more information or to schedule a one-on-one email me at blifela@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you!! 


“Be the most authentic you; the highest, most fullest expression of the innermost YOU by nurturing the development of your innermost passions and gifts.”